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Red my lips – stand against sexual assault this April


This campaign is soo important. In our modern society we still blame victims of abuse for not reaching out sooner, rape victims are told they should have behaved differently to discourage their attacker, men are told that they should be ‘happy they got laid’ not disgusted that someone took advantage of them in their blackout drunk state, women and very young girls are assaulted as an act of wars that they had no choice in being a part of… I could go on…

I’m really excited about the #RedMyLips campaign. It is a chance to bring these issues to the forefront, not just forget about what we can’t see happening in the privacy of a home that a victim should have felt safe in or a far off country. It is a chance to let victims know that there is a whole world full of people that don’t blame them for what happened, regardless of what they were wearing, whether they drank too much, whether ‘they seemed up for it’ before they passed out.

What I’d like is for this to plant a seed. To start as a gesture of sending a message, and continue this movement to create a new culture. One where people look out for each other, and victims know that they can turn to others for support. See a guy leaving the bar with a drunk girl who doesn’t seem to really know him? go ask her if she needs help finding her friends, ask if she knows this guy and whether there is someone you can call to come pick her up – they are somebody’s daughter, friend, sister, niece, whatever. And maybe she has had too much to drink, so what? you don’t know what is going on in someone else’s life, and how do you know that she wasn’t drugged? it’s much easier to get drugged than you might think, and being assaulted is a high price to pay for maybe being a little naïve.

If we don’t look out for each other, who will?

Check out the campaign’s page http://www.redmylips.org/

or hey, if you’re a Facebook kind of person, join the event page and share away with other like-minded peeps

Later Rockstars,