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Workplace blues

Image from aromaticwisdominstitute.com
Image from aromaticwisdominstitute.com

Lost the love for your job? wanted to leave for a while but have continued to stay because you kept thinking you saw a light at the end of the tunnel?

I have decided this is quite like a relationship well past its expiry date. You keep thinking it will get better, you remember how it used to be, and you are sure (sort of) that it will get better again and you can go back to skipping into work on a sea of rainbows followed by chirping baby birds… maybe you have been thinking this for months… years even.

Instead you find yourself feeling sick at the thought of returning to work on Monday. There are periods of hope where you don’t have to force that smile, and you may not actually have an issue with doing a few extra hours to help out. After a while, you realise that these hopes are indeed false, and you are disappointed… again. You gradually realise that the promises of change, although well-intentioned and full of hope and sunshine are probably a far cry from what will actually happen, if anything changes at all… and you feel foolish for deciding to stay and ride out the rough patch (after all, fool you once shame on them, fool you twice…).

Toxic waste only turns your into a superhuman hero in the movies, toxic waste in your gut will just get you an ulcer. Not to mention, everyone around you is probably sick of hearing about it.

Sure, it would be better if you won lotto and quit working all together in favour of seeking out the best Mojito worldwide… but this is reality. So until then, at least find something that doesn’t make you want to blow your f&*king br&%ns out. Life is short, you gotta make it work for you.

Peace out Rockstars,



Living your dreams

captain planet Someone recently posed the question: “If you could do or BE anything, if money was not a limitation, if there were no barriers… what would you do, what would you BE, where would your heart take you!?” My answer to this was: “I’d be captain planet by day, and a rockstar by night” As ridiculous as this sounds, this is absolutely my most honest answer! OK so Captain planet is a cartoon character with green hair who can fly, and for some reason needs a bunch of kids with magical rings to do most of the work… but aside from that, the unnecessary waste and pollution that is caused by human consumption really is a huge issue for me. I thoroughly believe that we can live exciting and satisfying lives without destroying everything in our path, if we just made wiser choices, put our money where our mouths are, and force producers to make wiser choices further up the production chain. And as for my night time persona, I am definitely a rockstar on the inside (and sometimes on the outside, I try to keep it under control at work haha). Maybe once I’m not studying every second that I’m not at work, I will actually have more time to spend on music!! I know, I know. Usually when I hear someone say “I would do [insert whatever activity/idea they want to pursue here] but there’s just not enough time in the day”… I say “if you want it bad enough, you’ll make it happen, you only have one life”. I fully intend on taking my own advice! But seriously, for the next year time IS TIGHTER THAN [censored]!! But come 2016 – bring it on! I also happen to think that Captain Planet wouldn’t look all that out of place on a stage actually… I mean, THAT MULLET! Later Rockstars!   V