Musical Feels – March

Some of the tunes which got my body rocking this month…

1. Capture the Crown

2. Sic Addiction

I tried to chuck a fancy widget in here so you could see their songs, etc. but it seems the widget function on Reverbnation is having a mare… on the upside though, if you go to the site via the link below,¬†you can download their track for free! ūüôā

Sic Addiction – Changing tide

3. Chase the Grey

4. Methane

5. Five From Zero

6. In This Moment

One of my fave bad bitches…

7. Schemata Theory

8. Gary Clarke Jr

This guy will honestly make your soul tingle…

9. Deez Nuts

10. Out Cold A.D.

And last but definitely not least – this local crew is releasing their new album on the 10th April, and I for one intend on being at that release party!

As always, let me know if there are any bands or solo artists you think I should check out ūüôā

Later Rockstars,



Keeping the focus on the end game – 11 months and counting…

Image taken from
Image taken from

Some goals are achieved within a day, or several days, some take years… in this case I am in my 6th and HOPEFULLY last year…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have two core passions – music and the environment we live in,¬†and given that don’t like the chances of becoming a wealthy rockstar¬†any time soon, I am currently studying my other passion (the environment), with the idea in mind that I will move into some form of career at the end of it…

While I finish my degree, I work full time for a company I love, and hopefully will continue to work for when I graduate… which is GREAT, honestly and truly, I love the company and what they do. The trouble is, I am a person that needs some form of mental stimulation, variety, a different challenge once in a while. I have often joked that¬†if I’m not moving – I’m asleep.

As I am currently only qualified to push paper, or run a restaurant,¬†then¬†that is exactly what I am limited to until graduation rolls around – COULD THIS YEAR MOVE ANY SLOWER?! The saying SSDD could not be more relevant… it has been the same for over 3 years now, and I’ve been digging deep to find my ‘happy-smiley work face’ for the last year of that. I’m soo close though! in 11 months I can finally exhale completely and move on to new and exciting goals!

Oh how sweet the taste of achievement will be! 6 years of…

  • Guilt because I don’t have enough time for my friends, family and boyfriend
  • Tears when the rest of my life started to implode right around exam time, because Murphy wouldn’t have it any other way
  • Stress-eating at midnight when I’m trying to finish an assignment at the last minute (which is really a day or two early but¬†I know¬†I won’t have time with the current deadlines at work)
  • Feeling guilty for stress eating but being too tired for the gym because¬†I stayed up all night finishing¬†my assignment then got up at 6am to get to work on time on the other side of the city, and essentially undermining one of¬†my other goals¬†(taking care of my health)
  • Being told by certain people in my life (of which I cannot choose), rather unhelpfully, that¬†University is a waste of time and money
  • Generally questioning whether I had a screw loose when I started to embark on this journey, and whether I’ll even use the fan-dangly piece of paper I’m busting a proverbial nut for

Yes… sweeter than honey (or maple syrup for my vegan friends!). Eye on the prize…

Later Rockstars!


Living your dreams

captain planet Someone recently posed the question: “If you could do or BE anything, if money was not a limitation, if there were no barriers… what would you do, what would you BE, where would your heart take you!?” My answer to this was: “I’d be captain planet by day, and a rockstar by night” As ridiculous as this sounds, this is absolutely my most honest answer! OK so Captain planet is a cartoon character with green hair who can fly, and for some reason needs a bunch of kids with magical rings to do most of the work… but aside from that, the unnecessary waste and pollution that is caused by human consumption really is a huge issue for me. I thoroughly believe that we can live exciting and satisfying lives without destroying everything in our path, if we just made wiser choices, put our money where our mouths are, and force producers to make wiser choices further up the production chain. And as for my night time persona, I am definitely a rockstar on the inside (and sometimes on the outside, I try to keep it under control at work haha). Maybe once I’m not studying every second that I’m not at work, I will actually have more time to spend on music!! I know, I know. Usually when I hear someone say “I would do [insert whatever activity/idea they want to pursue here] but there’s just not enough time in the day”…¬†I say “if you want it bad enough, you’ll make it happen, you only have one life”. I fully intend on taking my own advice! But seriously, for the next year time IS TIGHTER THAN [censored]!! But come 2016 – bring it on! I also happen to think that Captain Planet wouldn’t look all that out of place on a stage actually… I mean, THAT MULLET! Later Rockstars! ¬† V

Musical Feels – February

It’s probably safe to say that this¬†February’s faves¬†were heavily influenced by Soundwave’s lineup… Slipknot, Butcher Babies, Slash… you get the gist, these guys are regulars in my playlists. So because I did a whole post on the festival I will leave these out and list a few other delicious finds that I didn’t get to see live this month!

See my post on the 2015 Soundwave Festival here

Musical feels for February:

Strength In Shadows – Reminisce

Kissing Candice – Ghosted

More Than Most – You’re Not Alone

I don’t know how many times I’ve caught myself humming along to this song while I’m doing something…

From Ashes to New – Stay this way

Taberah – Dying Wish

Rat Neck – Serpent Bitch/Dying Melody

Omaha – Devilish Acts

Hanshotfirst – Sarah, Tone In

As always, let me know if there are any other kick-ass bands out there that you think I’ll like!

Later Rockstars!


Soundwave festival 2015

What can I say? What an epic couple of days! I can’t even tell you how excited I was when I found out that this year there would be, not one, but two days of back-to-back rock and metal from all around the globe.

What I love about festivals is that not only do you get to see the bands you love, but you are almost guaranteed to find at least one new band to add to your collection, and this year’s Soundwave festival was no exception.

I am also¬†of the opinion that you haven’t REALLY heard a band until you have heard them live. There is no substitute for their stage presence, their energy, and their pure, unedited sound.

Some of the bands I fell in love with over the weekend:

The Treatment

Terror Universal

A new band with some definite potential, plus they finished with a Rob Zombie song and I’m always a sucker for some Zombie!


OK so I know these guys have been around for eons, but for some reason I didn’t have any of their songs in my collection! that will have to be corrected!!!!!

Killer Be Killed

This song sent chills up my spine in the pit, and tickled my moshbone!

Epic sets by my faves


Butcher Babies

Marilyn Manson

Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators

I just LOVE this song! and frankly Myles Kennedy can sing to me ANY DAMN DAY…

Crown the Empire

LOVE these boys – just LOVE



Lamb of God

What an awesome end to the weekend – right up the front of the crowd soaking up the pure energy they pumped out!

What I missed out on


Totally gutted I missed out on these guys! The timetable I had said they were meant to come out after nonpoint so I waited but Killer be Killed came out instead!


The Swellers

I had really wanted to see these guys live but unfortunately they were scheduled at the same time as Slipknot, and for me, Slipknot will always win!


I’ve heard good things about these guys but this was about the time of day when I decided I should probably eat something at get some fluid in me before I passed out in the 36¬įC heat and missed out on the main bands I had flown to another country to see!

Judas Priest

I’m sure if you’ve made it this far in my blog post and haven’t closed the page yet, that you’re a metal fan, and I don’t need to introduce these guys! but again – timetable clashes with Manson, Slash and Butcher Babies were¬†a deal breaker!

Faith no More

And the same for these guys…

2016 hopes

I know it’s been said that the two day festival was a one-time only deal, and that it will go back to one day in future years… but I really hope they change that! I mean, sidewaves are awesome and all, but¬†a WHOLE WEEKEND of metal? yessir, sign me up! Plus it makes it all the more worth it for NZ’ers like me whole fly over especially for it. I realise that we get ‘Westfest’ or whatever they call it that year, but it’s no substitute for the whole festival. For those of you who don’t know what Westfest is, it’s a much smaller festival with a small selection of the bands going to soundwave. Westfest is great for people who can’t/don’t want to head overseas for a music festival, but for me? I’m epic-rock-concert-deprived enough as it is in this country!

Don’t get me wrong, we have some serious musical talent going on (e.g.8 Foot Sativa), but sometimes you just want to see some of the greats! And then there’s the fact that Australia is just BETTER at putting on a festival. I’m a kiwi, but I’ll admit it. Maybe it’s the fact that they just get more practice? Personally I think it’s probably a combination of that and the people. Here in NZ, it seems we have forgotten how to have fun without ruining it for everyone else… but that is a whole other blog post.

Back to the awesome! I’m hoping to see a few of these guys next year… a girl can hope!



The pretty reckless


System of a Down

8 foot sativa


Oh, by the way, they went by the name Pacifier for a bit (as you’ll see in the vid)

Upon a burning body

Here are a ¬†few of the snaps I managed to get when I wasn’t being crushed at the very front!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Music Feeds also has some serious coverage of the day including official and fan photography and vids – this page in particular covers most of the mosh pits I was¬†ALL¬†UP¬†in! There’s no way I was standing around video’ing it myself! I was too busy screaming my lungs out! ūüėÄ

Music feeds – Soundwave 2015

Musical feels of the month – January

Ok so I¬†am posting this a little before the end of the month, but that’s because come the 31st I will be in the middle of nowhere looking at rocks for a summer uni paper… not that I’ll have my laptop with me anyway, because my brand new laptop won’t connect to the wifi even though it can see that there are connections available, and sent it off in a huff to another city to get fixed by someone else so it will get fixed under warranty… yay technology ūüôā

Anyway, without further adieu, here are some tracks that brought out my inner rockstar this month..

1. Slipknot – no real surprises that their latest album “The Gray Chapter” was going to be awesome – if you don’t believe me check out “The Devil in I” or “Skeptic”

2. Butcher babies – these raging goddesses and talented band mates have been regulars in my eardrums this month – loving “They’re coming to take me away!” and “Don’t give a fuck”

3. Devilskin – newest NZ rock royalty – “Start a Revolution” or “Vessel”

4. Non-point – dat shred though!

5. Inventions Рloving this new find

6. Asking Alexandria

7. Dark Horse Darling

8. The Pretty Reckless

9. Mushroomhead – absolutely LOOOVE their cover of “Rumor has it”

10. Amerakin Overdose

Any suggestions for music to check out for next month?


Plant based anxiety and a new year of university nerves

So I probably won’t be posting anything for the next couple of weeks as I will be in the middle of nowhere looking at rocks so that I can finish my degree at the end of the year!

I am booked to go do some of my practical assignments on a farm where the food¬†is being¬†provided, and I have promptly provided my details on the provided form, noting that don’t eat meat or dairy so I am curious to see how this will go… SURELY I am not the first to get difficult about the food situation?! As always I have thought ahead and started stashing snacks in my suitcase, though I’m not sure the dried peaches will make it to the trip…


I was a¬†quite nervous about what the food would be, the questions which would follow and the disgusted looks and snickers¬†at my potentially¬†‘boiled to mush’, thawed and reheated vege options… but after a little thought, I have decided that if it all goes to custard, at least I’ll have some snacks to tide me over, and it’s two weeks tops. Who knows, maybe they’ll surprise me with a lovingly cooked vege meal!? Fingers crossed…

After reading through our workbook, I doubt I will have much time to worry about food anyway. I guess that comes with the territory when you are receiving the same credits for a two-week course as you would for a full semester… you can probably expect a hefty workload! I think the pre-course nerves really set in when I was checking over the list of necessities to bring and I see “Torch – for working out in the field after 8pm”… AFTER 8pm. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not afraid of hard work and digging deep to get the work done, but when I see we may be out all night and still have notes, and the following reports, etc. to write up when we get back? Good lord…

It’ll be fine…

I think…

Maybe pray for me just in case…

Later Rockstars!