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Plant based diets and negativity

If you eat some sort of plant based diet, whether it be vegetarian or vegan, it’s likely you’ve come up against criticism of the negative variety. Particularly if you are part of the bodybuilding and athletic circles, where nutrition is debated daily, and elitist ego’s are plentiful…

I am in no way trying to bring down those who have worked incredibly hard for their physiques. I myself am vegetarian, although I eat very little egg or dairy (only on the odd occasion), and I like my weights heavy. Although I am definitely more toned than I have ever been, I am no female Thor, so I can appreciate how hard these guys and gals work!

What is surprising is the level of unhelpful criticism I have received from vegan athletes in the past, when trying to obtain more information about egg and dairy free options! It seems that to some, if you are not already vegan, then you are not worth their time! Each to their own in my opinion, and they of course are entitled to their own views.

However, I thought it might be more productive to create a more positive and welcoming place for people to learn about plant based diets and fitness without all the negative natter. It is something I definitely would have liked to find when I first decided to give up meat (not that I was eating a lot of it anyway once I made the decision). But for anyone who may be interested, you can find a bunch of positive, supportive vege eaters in our new facebook group! All welcome!

Later Rockstars!




I’ve always promised myself I would get round to get some of these for myself, and luckily (sort of) I lost the ball off my tongue stud which felt far too weird and naked… so I decided to head to the shops for another saw these in the window! I’m a real magpie for coloured glass so it was a double win… now I just need to find a more sustainable way to freeze my leftovers… 😀

glass jars