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My two right feet

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Two Right Feet.”

A year ago, I would have said that it was in everybody’s best interest that I have my morning coffee before I leave the house, or try to operate heavy (or light!) machinery. On the odd day that I missed this opportunity, this notion was reinforced when I realised I had left my delicious leftover dinner at home so I had no lunch, my shirt was backwards and there was an important early morning meeting that I didn’t know about… you get the gist.

But over the holiday break as I set my action plan for 2015 into play I realised it was not in fact the lack of beverage that was the problem, it was the 10 minutes I took first thing in the AM to stand in the kitchen, sip at this steaming hot goodness and think about the day ahead. I now wake up a few minutes earlier than usual (4.30am), and visualise the day ahead, achieving the goals I have set myself. Over the break I created what I call my “dreams” book, where my holiday self has told present self EXACTLY how it is going to be, and where this slow and steady race will get me… ‘prompts’ if you will. See my post Bring on 2015! for a rough idea of what this looks like! I keep this book by my bag so I look at it before I leave the house for the gym, while I nibble at a light pre-gym snack.

I still love my morning coffee, strong as they come, and daily. However I don’t usually get around to it until I get to work in the morning… a good 3-4 hours into my day!

Later Rockstars!



Motivation or madness?

My partner recently told me that the biggest thing that attracted him to me was my motivation. It’s not the first time someone has commented on my tendency to be working towards multiple goals at one time, and at ALL times… but each time I hear it, all I can say is “well if you truly want something, you will make it happen wouldn’t you?” – because why wouldn’t you???

This has not always been my philosophy. I grew up in a family where moral support was definitely not to be expected. Where I gave up on my ideas and ambitions before I had even started, as I was usually told it was a stupid idea, or that there were better things I could be doing with my time (like staying in the kitchen and being a ‘good woman’….oh the chauvinism).

The turning point

Once I reached a point where I had had enough of living the life I though I ‘ought’ to live, and still never being ‘good enough’, I decided to just do whatever the fuck made me happy, and anyone in my way could just get burned up in the fire that had been lit in my belly… or whatever it is that naysayers do

It was the feeling I had at this point in my life which drives me. That sinking feeling when I realised that the life I had was never the one I wanted, and I had no one to blame but myself. I had reached the point where I didn’t even know what I even wanted anymore. So I followed my gut, I tried everything that even remotely took my fancy, and if it didn’t work out, I picked myself up and kept on moving.

These days I get up at 4.30am for my morning strength session, I have a fulltime office job, and I spend most of my nights and weekends finishing my degree part time (6 years down, 1 to go) . Somewhere in that week I find time to cook healthy meals, sing, play guitar, model, read about anything and everything, spend time with my loved ones, and now write this blog.

Just do it, then do it some more

Dream big, and aim for the stars, because if that’s not where you’re aiming, how the hell do you expect to get there?  In the meantime, celebrate the small achievements, they are fuel for the fire. If you get the speed wobbles and fall off, get up, get focused, and get back on that horse.

I have found that the more you have to do, the more time I seem to have to do it – strange but true. There is a saying that rings soo incredibly true to me, “if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it” – Lucille Bell

And if you don’t believe me, ask this guy…

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen” – Michael Jordan

Be the one making it happening…

Later Rockstars,


The quest for a tasty AND affordable non-dairy protein powder – Nuzest review

Soo I realise that protein powder is not absolutely essential to a muscle-building diet, but I miss the convenience sometimes!

I’ve tried a couple of soy powders but I’ve never really been a huge soy fan, and have read some nasty things lately about soy isolate powders which were deal breakers for me, and got incredibly excited when I found Nuzest Clean Lean Protein powder, made mostly from pea protein. I have tried a couple of the flavours so far with varying results…

Rich Chocolate:

Sadly, not all chocolate protein powders are made equal, and I never really took to this one. I can get past the chalky texture that is characteristic of pea protein powder, but something about the sweetness combined with that pea protein aftertaste was a bit much for me, even when mixed at half strength.

Yesterday I tried to use up a bit of it by making protein balls (or bombs as they ended up, as I got a bit impatient and just slapped each spoonful on greaseproof paper like a savage), these were slightly better but still not quite there yet… I’m going to leave this on a the shelf a bit and think about the best way to drink it


Creamy Cappuccino:

The first go with just Vitasoy oat and almond milk was pretty good but there was room for improvement…

After adding:

  • Banana
  • Vitasoy oat and almond milk
  • A generous extra spoonful of instant coffee powder (Maccona)
  • Copious amounts of ice

…Bingo! a creamy iced coffee for breakfast… soo delicious! and I think the banana helped with the chalky texture also!


You know what else I love to see? a total of 5 ingredients in the whole product, all of which I recognise… and with 24g of protein per serve, I would definitely recommend it… (in my amateur opinion!)

Later Rockstars!


Plant based diets and negativity

If you eat some sort of plant based diet, whether it be vegetarian or vegan, it’s likely you’ve come up against criticism of the negative variety. Particularly if you are part of the bodybuilding and athletic circles, where nutrition is debated daily, and elitist ego’s are plentiful…

I am in no way trying to bring down those who have worked incredibly hard for their physiques. I myself am vegetarian, although I eat very little egg or dairy (only on the odd occasion), and I like my weights heavy. Although I am definitely more toned than I have ever been, I am no female Thor, so I can appreciate how hard these guys and gals work!

What is surprising is the level of unhelpful criticism I have received from vegan athletes in the past, when trying to obtain more information about egg and dairy free options! It seems that to some, if you are not already vegan, then you are not worth their time! Each to their own in my opinion, and they of course are entitled to their own views.

However, I thought it might be more productive to create a more positive and welcoming place for people to learn about plant based diets and fitness without all the negative natter. It is something I definitely would have liked to find when I first decided to give up meat (not that I was eating a lot of it anyway once I made the decision). But for anyone who may be interested, you can find a bunch of positive, supportive vege eaters in our new facebook group! All welcome!

Later Rockstars!


My new fitbit!

So I’ve had this a couple of days now, I had my hesitations but it’s turned out to be quite a good motivator!

If you haven’t heard of a fitbit, it’s basically a pedometer which also measures how long you sleep and how often you wake. It syncs wirelessly with your account online where you can edit your fitness goals, enter calories consumed and compete with other fitbit users. It also shows you how close you are to achieving your goal for the day, so if you need to workout a bit more to achieve the calorie deficit you want, or you are just trying to move a certain amount each day, it will let you know how close you are… or how much you have smashed it!

Next time I would probably get the more expensive model though (with the watch and a few other sexy functions).