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About this site…

A little a bit myself and why I decided to write this blog…

I’m a nerdy bogan gone green-side. I used to live for custom cars and a meaty rumble, and although these days I ride a motorcycle on a sunny day, the rest of the time I’m happy to use public transport or carpool – have you ever noticed just how many of the cars queued up in front of you have only one person in them?! what’s the point? and then you wonder why there are no carparks… it’s because your all in separate cars! but I digress…

I love the planet we live in, but it wasn’t until I started my degree (originally majoring in Biology and now in Geography), that I pulled my head out of the sand that I realised how badly we abuse it, and wasteful my own lifestyle was. I gave up meat and dairy (also because dairy was starting to have some very negative effects on my body, resulting in some very embarrassing social situations, if you know what I mean!), I sold my car which frankly was draining my money faster than I could customise it anyway, and I am generally more mindful about abusing the air I breathe and the water I drink.

As I started to look at what I was putting in my mouth, I also focused on moving more, I joined a gym and fell in love with strength training. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no female Thor, but I’m definitely the most toned I’ve ever been, and as I focus more on making healthier food choices, I intend on melting away my “cuddle” and strutting this off competition style one day. You can find me on any given morning in the gym, before the birds are awake, with a guitar riff blaring in my ears, making the most of the quiet weights section.

It would be no exaggeration to say that I didn’t get any support for my diet and lifestyle choices from my family full of petrolheads or the majority of my friends who wanted to party all the time and lived for material possessions, and if anything, some of them were nasty. I get it, no-one likes thinking that someone is criticizing what they love (even though I wasn’t!).

It would also be no exaggeration to say at this time that rock music saved my soul. At a time in my life where I felt soo out of place and only saw black, white and grey, music helped me see colour again. Picking up a guitar and singing my lungs out (probably to the despair of the neighbours), gave me the creative outlet I needed and pulled my focus away from the negative bullshit. I don’t claim to be good, and my gear definitely isn’t flash, but who really gives a shit? And just how many fucks would I give if they did? Zero

There is ABSOLUTELY no pleasing everyone, so as long as you’re not hurting anyone.. do EXACTLY what makes you happy, if you don’t know what that is? TRY EVERYTHING! just what have you got to lose huh? and if anyone wants to get their panties in a twist about it? Smile, hair flick, and strut on away from that bullshit… because haters gon’ hate, especially when your killin’ it.

I decided to write this blog for others who may have similar interests, or perhaps, are just feeling too insecure to be themselves. I am here to learn from other bloggers, and maybe even inspire someone to do what makes them happy

Listen to your heart, and don’t ever be afraid to be yourself. If you don’t fit into the boxes that society has provided you to choose from – create your own, you are stronger than you think.

Later rockstars,