Learning how to eat Vegan in NZ: Junk Food Edition

As you may, or may not know, November is World Vegan Month. As a vegetarian of almost 4 years, I already eat plenty of healthy vegan meals on a regular basis, but more recently I began to feel the the time was right to start making more of a conscious effort to eat vegan. I conveniently decided this in the last week of October, and I thought it would be awesome to go officially vegan on the first day of World Vegan Month! (1st Nov), and here I am, 21 days in and still happy with my decision.

I couldn’t tell you why, but for some reason I feel lighter and happier. The first week, I found myself walking to work and smiling like an idiot, for no real reason other than I finally feel like I’m walking to the beat of my own drum, but I digress.

Although I already ate healthy vegan meals for the most part, I knew that the things I would struggle with were snacks and treat foods. There’s a good chance that if I’m heading for the junk food that my willpower is already waning, and I will have consumed said item before I think to read the ingredients list, get disappointed with myself and then reach for another to ease my sorrow… Oh feelings, why do you taste so delicious?

Online searches mostly turned up sweets that I’d never heard of, and it was likely most of these weren’t items I could buy in New Zealand. There seem to be soo many incredible options available overseas!?… Almond milk ice cream? pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls?!! are you kidding me! The junk food envy was strong, and I was determined. I’m very serious about my sweet tooth you see…

I put a post in my local vegetarian facebook group looking for a good starting point, then chose a local supermarket to investigate. I’m thinking this might become a bit of a series as I get my “vegan feet”. The result of my first mission is below! I also made a short video, available here.


Later Rockstars,




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