Workplace blues

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Lost the love for your job? wanted to leave for a while but have continued to stay because you kept thinking you saw a light at the end of the tunnel?

I have decided this is quite like a relationship well past its expiry date. You keep thinking it will get better, you remember how it used to be, and you are sure (sort of) that it will get better again and you can go back to skipping into work on a sea of rainbows followed by chirping baby birds… maybe you have been thinking this for months… years even.

Instead you find yourself feeling sick at the thought of returning to work on Monday. There are periods of hope where you don’t have to force that smile, and you may not actually have an issue with doing a few extra hours to help out. After a while, you realise that these hopes are indeed false, and you are disappointed… again. You gradually realise that the promises of change, although well-intentioned and full of hope and sunshine are probably a far cry from what will actually happen, if anything changes at all… and you feel foolish for deciding to stay and ride out the rough patch (after all, fool you once shame on them, fool you twice…).

Toxic waste only turns your into a superhuman hero in the movies, toxic waste in your gut will just get you an ulcer. Not to mention, everyone around you is probably sick of hearing about it.

Sure, it would be better if you won lotto and quit working all together in favour of seeking out the best Mojito worldwide… but this is reality. So until then, at least find something that doesn’t make you want to blow your f&*king br&%ns out. Life is short, you gotta make it work for you.

Peace out Rockstars,



Red my lips – stand against sexual assault this April


This campaign is soo important. In our modern society we still blame victims of abuse for not reaching out sooner, rape victims are told they should have behaved differently to discourage their attacker, men are told that they should be ‘happy they got laid’ not disgusted that someone took advantage of them in their blackout drunk state, women and very young girls are assaulted as an act of wars that they had no choice in being a part of… I could go on…

I’m really excited about the #RedMyLips campaign. It is a chance to bring these issues to the forefront, not just forget about what we can’t see happening in the privacy of a home that a victim should have felt safe in or a far off country. It is a chance to let victims know that there is a whole world full of people that don’t blame them for what happened, regardless of what they were wearing, whether they drank too much, whether ‘they seemed up for it’ before they passed out.

What I’d like is for this to plant a seed. To start as a gesture of sending a message, and continue this movement to create a new culture. One where people look out for each other, and victims know that they can turn to others for support. See a guy leaving the bar with a drunk girl who doesn’t seem to really know him? go ask her if she needs help finding her friends, ask if she knows this guy and whether there is someone you can call to come pick her up – they are somebody’s daughter, friend, sister, niece, whatever. And maybe she has had too much to drink, so what? you don’t know what is going on in someone else’s life, and how do you know that she wasn’t drugged? it’s much easier to get drugged than you might think, and being assaulted is a high price to pay for maybe being a little naïve.

If we don’t look out for each other, who will?

Check out the campaign’s page

or hey, if you’re a Facebook kind of person, join the event page and share away with other like-minded peeps

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Gig review: Gary Clark Jr

Image from Gary Clarke Jr's official website
Image from Gary Clarke Jr’s official website

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of seeing this obviously incredibly talented musician in action! There are not many big names that make the journey all the way to our little city of Christchurch, New Zealand, so for me it was a must-see!

I intended to post the day after the gig but I realised that all the videos and photos I had taken of the performance (including some epic solo’s and fancy finger work by the man himself) appeared to be corrupted, and if I’m honest… I sulked a little…

Nevertheless it was an unforgettable and spine-tingling performance by all of the band, and clearly my partner thought so too as it is the 2ND time I have EVER seen him dance… that’s saying something!

You should definitely check him out! Since I don’t have my own footage, I will leave you with a link to the footage on his official youtube page…

Later Rockstars!