Musical Feels – March

Some of the tunes which got my body rocking this month…

1. Capture the Crown

2. Sic Addiction

I tried to chuck a fancy widget in here so you could see their songs, etc. but it seems the widget function on Reverbnation is having a mare… on the upside though, if you go to the site via the link below, you can download their track for free! 🙂

Sic Addiction – Changing tide

3. Chase the Grey

4. Methane

5. Five From Zero

6. In This Moment

One of my fave bad bitches…

7. Schemata Theory

8. Gary Clarke Jr

This guy will honestly make your soul tingle…

9. Deez Nuts

10. Out Cold A.D.

And last but definitely not least – this local crew is releasing their new album on the 10th April, and I for one intend on being at that release party!

As always, let me know if there are any bands or solo artists you think I should check out 🙂

Later Rockstars,



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