Keeping the focus on the end game – 11 months and counting…

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Some goals are achieved within a day, or several days, some take years… in this case I am in my 6th and HOPEFULLY last year…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have two core passions – music and the environment we live in, and given that don’t like the chances of becoming a wealthy rockstar any time soon, I am currently studying my other passion (the environment), with the idea in mind that I will move into some form of career at the end of it…

While I finish my degree, I work full time for a company I love, and hopefully will continue to work for when I graduate… which is GREAT, honestly and truly, I love the company and what they do. The trouble is, I am a person that needs some form of mental stimulation, variety, a different challenge once in a while. I have often joked that if I’m not moving – I’m asleep.

As I am currently only qualified to push paper, or run a restaurant, then that is exactly what I am limited to until graduation rolls around – COULD THIS YEAR MOVE ANY SLOWER?! The saying SSDD could not be more relevant… it has been the same for over 3 years now, and I’ve been digging deep to find my ‘happy-smiley work face’ for the last year of that. I’m soo close though! in 11 months I can finally exhale completely and move on to new and exciting goals!

Oh how sweet the taste of achievement will be! 6 years of…

  • Guilt because I don’t have enough time for my friends, family and boyfriend
  • Tears when the rest of my life started to implode right around exam time, because Murphy wouldn’t have it any other way
  • Stress-eating at midnight when I’m trying to finish an assignment at the last minute (which is really a day or two early but I know I won’t have time with the current deadlines at work)
  • Feeling guilty for stress eating but being too tired for the gym because I stayed up all night finishing my assignment then got up at 6am to get to work on time on the other side of the city, and essentially undermining one of my other goals (taking care of my health)
  • Being told by certain people in my life (of which I cannot choose), rather unhelpfully, that University is a waste of time and money
  • Generally questioning whether I had a screw loose when I started to embark on this journey, and whether I’ll even use the fan-dangly piece of paper I’m busting a proverbial nut for

Yes… sweeter than honey (or maple syrup for my vegan friends!). Eye on the prize…

Later Rockstars!



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