Musical Feels – February

It’s probably safe to say that this February’s faves were heavily influenced by Soundwave’s lineup… Slipknot, Butcher Babies, Slash… you get the gist, these guys are regulars in my playlists. So because I did a whole post on the festival I will leave these out and list a few other delicious finds that I didn’t get to see live this month!

See my post on the 2015 Soundwave Festival here

Musical feels for February:

Strength In Shadows – Reminisce

Kissing Candice – Ghosted

More Than Most – You’re Not Alone

I don’t know how many times I’ve caught myself humming along to this song while I’m doing something…

From Ashes to New – Stay this way

Taberah – Dying Wish

Rat Neck – Serpent Bitch/Dying Melody

Omaha – Devilish Acts

Hanshotfirst – Sarah, Tone In

As always, let me know if there are any other kick-ass bands out there that you think I’ll like!

Later Rockstars!



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