Musical feels of the month – January

Ok so I am posting this a little before the end of the month, but that’s because come the 31st I will be in the middle of nowhere looking at rocks for a summer uni paper… not that I’ll have my laptop with me anyway, because my brand new laptop won’t connect to the wifi even though it can see that there are connections available, and sent it off in a huff to another city to get fixed by someone else so it will get fixed under warranty… yay technology 🙂

Anyway, without further adieu, here are some tracks that brought out my inner rockstar this month..

1. Slipknot – no real surprises that their latest album “The Gray Chapter” was going to be awesome – if you don’t believe me check out “The Devil in I” or “Skeptic”

2. Butcher babies – these raging goddesses and talented band mates have been regulars in my eardrums this month – loving “They’re coming to take me away!” and “Don’t give a fuck”

3. Devilskin – newest NZ rock royalty – “Start a Revolution” or “Vessel”

4. Non-point – dat shred though!

5. Inventions – loving this new find

6. Asking Alexandria

7. Dark Horse Darling

8. The Pretty Reckless

9. Mushroomhead – absolutely LOOOVE their cover of “Rumor has it”

10. Amerakin Overdose

Any suggestions for music to check out for next month?



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