My two right feet

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Two Right Feet.”

A year ago, I would have said that it was in everybody’s best interest that I have my morning coffee before I leave the house, or try to operate heavy (or light!) machinery. On the odd day that I missed this opportunity, this notion was reinforced when I realised I had left my delicious leftover dinner at home so I had no lunch, my shirt was backwards and there was an important early morning meeting that I didn’t know about… you get the gist.

But over the holiday break as I set my action plan for 2015 into play I realised it was not in fact the lack of beverage that was the problem, it was the 10 minutes I took first thing in the AM to stand in the kitchen, sip at this steaming hot goodness and think about the day ahead. I now wake up a few minutes earlier than usual (4.30am), and visualise the day ahead, achieving the goals I have set myself. Over the break I created what I call my “dreams” book, where my holiday self has told present self EXACTLY how it is going to be, and where this slow and steady race will get me… ‘prompts’ if you will. See my post Bring on 2015! for a rough idea of what this looks like! I keep this book by my bag so I look at it before I leave the house for the gym, while I nibble at a light pre-gym snack.

I still love my morning coffee, strong as they come, and daily. However I don’t usually get around to it until I get to work in the morning… a good 3-4 hours into my day!

Later Rockstars!



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