Can an introvert become an extrovert?

If you are an introvert like myself, you may have avoided certain activities in your life to stay comfortably out of the spotlight, or may not have been chosen to be in said spotlight as it was assumed that it wouldn’t really float your boat. If float your boat, it would not, then that’s all good! But what if you did want to? What if you did want to join in and try that new sport or wear that crazy costume to the party even though you didn’t think anyone else was going to bother dressing up, but the thought of all the unwanted attention and chaos that could go along with it stopped you dead cold?

I am of the opinion that you can do anything you put your mind to, and this idea intrigues me. I guess you could say that I was an introvert for most of my life, and make no mistake, I still LOVE and NEED my REGULAR alone time (ESPECIALLY after socialising with a bunch of people I don’t know), I don’t feel the need to be talking 100% of the time (or 50% for that matter), about every single thought, feeling or sensation, I am guilty of the characteristic “resting bitch face” when someone is explaining something to me and I am thinking it through at every angle, viewpoint, and already making mental lists of other things to consider down the line… and speaking of lists… anyone who has worked with or for me knows I am a huge fan of lists, plans, and getting organized before we actually need to be organized (god knows I need to clear all of those mental notes out of my head asap to make room for more mental chaos… yes, another characteristic of an introvert)…. but the thing is…

When I have had enough of the social chaos and feel the need to unplug from the world and do nothing but watch re-runs of Gilmore Girls or laugh at Horatio’s cheesy one-liners (CSI Miami) and epic fail compilations on youtube in my sweat pants, I will tell you just that – “sorry my lovely, I’m not coming because I don’t feel like being a human today, Vee3000 needs to recharge, but y’all have a drink for me”… and unlike your traditional introvert, I LOVE busy places – markets, festivals, and I am happy as a pig in mud in a mosh pit, squashed shoulder to shoulder with sweaty strangers and screaming my lungs out (even though said strangers usually tower over me). I model for a few local photographers or pose for new photographers who want to do some test shots, and I have toyed with the idea of uploading a few covers of my favourite songs to sing for a bit of fun (even though I definitely don’t think I am the next Lizzy Hale by any stretch!) 😉

So does this mean I am neither? both? does it mean that if I pushed my boundaries a little and learned to thrive in a social environment I could become an extrovert? I’m sure there is probably some well thought-out research somewhere by someone who actually knows what they’re talking about… these are just some of the thoughts rolling around in my head today.

It does get me thinking though!

So Rockstars, what do you think?



2 thoughts on “Can an introvert become an extrovert?”

  1. Haha it’s mad ho much we are alike, everything you wrote about I can relate to.. except the tv shows lol mine are friends/revenge/sex and city oh and Bridget Jones in the background while I’m ironing!:)))


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