The quest for a tasty AND affordable non-dairy protein powder – Nuzest review

Soo I realise that protein powder is not absolutely essential to a muscle-building diet, but I miss the convenience sometimes!

I’ve tried a couple of soy powders but I’ve never really been a huge soy fan, and have read some nasty things lately about soy isolate powders which were deal breakers for me, and got incredibly excited when I found Nuzest Clean Lean Protein powder, made mostly from pea protein. I have tried a couple of the flavours so far with varying results…

Rich Chocolate:

Sadly, not all chocolate protein powders are made equal, and I never really took to this one. I can get past the chalky texture that is characteristic of pea protein powder, but something about the sweetness combined with that pea protein aftertaste was a bit much for me, even when mixed at half strength.

Yesterday I tried to use up a bit of it by making protein balls (or bombs as they ended up, as I got a bit impatient and just slapped each spoonful on greaseproof paper like a savage), these were slightly better but still not quite there yet… I’m going to leave this on a the shelf a bit and think about the best way to drink it


Creamy Cappuccino:

The first go with just Vitasoy oat and almond milk was pretty good but there was room for improvement…

After adding:

  • Banana
  • Vitasoy oat and almond milk
  • A generous extra spoonful of instant coffee powder (Maccona)
  • Copious amounts of ice

…Bingo! a creamy iced coffee for breakfast… soo delicious! and I think the banana helped with the chalky texture also!


You know what else I love to see? a total of 5 ingredients in the whole product, all of which I recognise… and with 24g of protein per serve, I would definitely recommend it… (in my amateur opinion!)

Later Rockstars!



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