Bring on 2015!

This NYE like every other, I have things I want to improve upon in the next year. Afterall, if you’re not growing, you’re not living (in my opinion…).

I’m pumped, 2015 will be a huge year for me, and I’m ready to take it by the balls! Not tomorrow… Today… Let’s do this!

I plan on completely smashing the following:

1. Finishing my degree – I have been finishing my degree in Geography part time while working fulltime, which has been an utter marathon but it will be worth it come 2016 graduation! I’ve always had a tendency to give up on difficult situations but I was determined that I wouldn’t throw away all the blood sweat and tears I put into this!

2. My health – I’m a total stress eater and I’ve had a tendency to skip the gym a lot when I have exams coming or big assignments due. This year I am on track with my plant based diet, I’ve changed up my work schedule so I can work out in the mornings when I’m most motivated, and have invested in a spin bike for when I’m seriously strapped for time or when I’ve been up all night finishing an assignment and need the extra 30 minutes sleep I save by staying home!

3. Practicing what I preach (environmentally) – the little things are what I need to watch… Saving water, power and just generally being wasteful… Time to really walk the walk!

4. Making the most of my downtime – I’m soo guilty of spending my spare time in zombie mode in front of my laptop. But this year I want to unplug more, get outside, spend more time with my guitar, singing, travelling and whatever really!!!

5. Being money savvy – being greener will help with this also 🙂

Have a good night rockstars! See y’all next year!



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