Bring on 2015!

This NYE like every other, I have things I want to improve upon in the next year. Afterall, if you’re not growing, you’re not living (in my opinion…).

I’m pumped, 2015 will be a huge year for me, and I’m ready to take it by the balls! Not tomorrow… Today… Let’s do this!

I plan on completely smashing the following:

1. Finishing my degree – I have been finishing my degree in Geography part time while working fulltime, which has been an utter marathon but it will be worth it come 2016 graduation! I’ve always had a tendency to give up on difficult situations but I was determined that I wouldn’t throw away all the blood sweat and tears I put into this!

2. My health – I’m a total stress eater and I’ve had a tendency to skip the gym a lot when I have exams coming or big assignments due. This year I am on track with my plant based diet, I’ve changed up my work schedule so I can work out in the mornings when I’m most motivated, and have invested in a spin bike for when I’m seriously strapped for time or when I’ve been up all night finishing an assignment and need the extra 30 minutes sleep I save by staying home!

3. Practicing what I preach (environmentally) – the little things are what I need to watch… Saving water, power and just generally being wasteful… Time to really walk the walk!

4. Making the most of my downtime – I’m soo guilty of spending my spare time in zombie mode in front of my laptop. But this year I want to unplug more, get outside, spend more time with my guitar, singing, travelling and whatever really!!!

5. Being money savvy – being greener will help with this also 🙂

Have a good night rockstars! See y’all next year!



Eco Shoe Porn!

Can I just take a second to brag about my creative boyfriend??!.. OK!

He has just started to teach himself different pinstriping techniques so naturally he was looking for practice… PINSTRIPE ALL THE THINGS!!

Anyway, I have a few old pairs of shoes I don’t really wear as I don’t go out very often and when I do I always go for the exciting shoes… so this pair of plain black shoes didn’t really get a look in, and I knew I wouldn’t care too much if it all went pear shaped… but now I LOVE THEM! They’re just some cheapo shoes that I think I bought from the No.1 shoe warehouse a million years ago, but I will now be adding them to the exciting shoes pile… and now that he’s had a bit more practice with Christmas gifts and generally painting everything in sight!!!… I have another boring pair lined up for him!


Yay for recycling 😀

Peace out Rockstars,



I’ve always promised myself I would get round to get some of these for myself, and luckily (sort of) I lost the ball off my tongue stud which felt far too weird and naked… so I decided to head to the shops for another saw these in the window! I’m a real magpie for coloured glass so it was a double win… now I just need to find a more sustainable way to freeze my leftovers… 😀

glass jars

My new fitbit!

So I’ve had this a couple of days now, I had my hesitations but it’s turned out to be quite a good motivator!

If you haven’t heard of a fitbit, it’s basically a pedometer which also measures how long you sleep and how often you wake. It syncs wirelessly with your account online where you can edit your fitness goals, enter calories consumed and compete with other fitbit users. It also shows you how close you are to achieving your goal for the day, so if you need to workout a bit more to achieve the calorie deficit you want, or you are just trying to move a certain amount each day, it will let you know how close you are… or how much you have smashed it!

Next time I would probably get the more expensive model though (with the watch and a few other sexy functions).